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At SlimFreezeUK we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our personal touch. With over seven years experience in non-invasive reshaping treatments, you're guaranteed a personalised 1-to-1 treatment from initial consultation, treatment, aftercare advice and follow up.

We cover Scotland's Central Belt, and offer individual treatments, multiple treatment packages and gift vouchers.


Call us on 07799 703 398 or request a call back to arrange your consultation.


We look forward to welcoming you to our private, dedicated treatment rooms

We're located at

36 Bridge Rd, Colinton, Edinburgh EH13 0LQ

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  • Is SlimFreezeUK a permanent fat loss solution?
    Yes, once a particular area has been treated the fat cells will have been destroyed and they cannot come back. If you do not follow a healthy lifestyle after your treatment you will still gain weight in other areas of your body. The SlimFreezeUK practitioner will give you the correct information to keep you on track after your treatment.
  • What are the risks of SlimFreezeUK treatments?
    As we utilise the very latest in Chryogenic Lipolysis technology, we do not have to freeze the areas to such a low temperature as some other practitioners. This temperature difference means that with SlimFreezeUK, many of the risks and side effects that certain other systems may present simply do not exist with us. With SlimFreezeUK, the only side effects that may occur, are a temporary slight redness and/or very mild tenderness of the treated area.
  • How effective is a SlimFreezeUK treatment?
    The SlimFreezeUK system uses a powerful non-invasive suction to target areas of your body with unwanted or excess fat. A single treatment can destroy on average 25%-30% of fat (and often more)!
  • When will results begin to show?
    Approximately seven days following the SlimFreezeUK treatment, the cells change shape and trauma to the cell has occurred. At day 14 Apoptosis (death of fat cells) is underway. You may start to see a slight reduction in 4-5 weeks, although each individual responds differently to treatment. It generally takes between 8-12 weeks to notice a significant reduction after your SlimFreezeUK treatment.
  • What will happen during my SlimFreezeUK treatment?
    Initially, a consultation will be undertaken. Then the option of having "before" and "after" pictures taken will be given. The practitioner will then attach the SlimFreezeUK applicator head to the area you require freezing. The system will then freeze and crystallise the fat cells and cause cell death.
  • How often can I have SlimFreezeUK treatments?
    You can have up to four different areas treated within an eight week period.
  • How long does one treatment area take?
    Typically, a treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour per area. Certain areas can be treated simultaneously, whereas some can not (as it would lessen the effectiveness of the treatments). Please contact us for further details.
  • Where will my treatment take place?
    You'll be well taken care of at our premises with its own private entrance in Colinton. We understand that you might be a little apprehensive before your treatment, so we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in our bespoke treatment area. Some soothing music and some cleansing green tea are always available, as well as a good old chat should you wish.
  • What do I have to do after my treatment?
    You will be given our post treatment information that advises on routines that will help achieve maximum results. This information covers massage techniques, water intake and useful foods, and is designed to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment. Specialist "post treatment creams" or similar will not be offered, as these have no actual benefit apart from encouraging massage when applying.


Our Address

36 Bridge Rd, Colinton, Edinburgh EH13 0LQ

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Request a callback to arrange your appointment, or call us on 07799 703 398

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