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At SlimFreezeUK we've sought out the latest technology to be able to offer you real results in skin rejuvenation and beauty therapies. 

CACI Treatments

The CACI Classic microcurrent system was the first beauty technology to be considered as a serious alternative to cosmetic procedures, enabling you to achieve beautiful skin without surgery.


CACI International has paved the way in anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and problematic skin solutions for over two decades. We're proud to be able to offer you CACI's technology to provide tailored solutions for men and women of all ages and skin types.


We offer a range of Classic and Advanced CACI treatments, either stand alone or as add ons to any of our other treatments. 

Image Credit MJ Beauty Radiance Facial .png
CACI Non surgical facial toning | 60 mins

This non-invasive facial features S.P.E.D® Dual Action Technology that provides simultaneous skin rejuvenation and facial toning. This treatment uses microcurrent impulses to lift and tone and LED light therapy to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Firms your face and gives your skin a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow. 

CACI Martina Jowl Lift.png
CACI Advanced non surgical facial toning | 90 mins

Combines CACI’s Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning with advanced skin exfoliation techniques to revitalise your skin, resulting in a brighter and smoother complexion. A combination of advanced technologies are used to plump fine lines and wrinkles, instantly lift and tone your face and firm your neck.

CACI Synergy Purifying | 45 mins

This treatment tackles problematic skin and leaves your complexion looking smooth and radiantly healthy. A combination of red and blue LED light therapy, deep cleansing and skin exfoliation techniques are used to effectively brighten and even your skin tone. 

Image Credit SAGE LANE SKINCARE Gentlemans Facial.png
CACI Gentleman's facial | 45 mins

Using a combination of advanced technologies, this treatment is designed to specifically address male skincare concerns. Deep cleansing and skin exfoliation techniques tackle razor bumps and in-growing hairs, electrical impulses tighten, firm and redefine the jawline; the CACI Hydro Mask and LED light therapy are then used to hydrate, calm and smooth the skin, leaving your complexion refreshed, revitalised and more youthful looking.   

Kerry NSF with NEck ETR_edited.jpg
CACI Wrinkle revolution | 30 mins

CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb targets deep lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and laughter lines. This treatment is a non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers that will instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles from the very first treatment. 

CACI Jordan Lip Booster.png
CACI Lip booster | 15 mins

Enhance your pout with CACI’s Wrinkle Comb. Designed to give you fuller, plumper lips and soften top lip lines, this quick fix treatment will have your pout party ready in no time.

Mary Hand 1 Treatments Before and After.jpg
CACI Hand rejuvenation | 30 mins

An intensive skin conditioning glove that is applied to the hands to hydrate and nourish the skin, Electro Gloves (made from a special electrically conductive material) are then fitted over the Rejuvenating Hand Mask and when activated with the CACI System deliver tiny electrical impulses that help to improve skin firmness and boost circulation.  

Image Credit MJ Beauty Treatment Synergy Purifying and Jowl Lift.png
CACI Jowl lift | 15 mins

Target muscle laxity around the jawline using S.P.E.D® Dual Action Technology, which harnesses the power of LED light therapy at the same time as using CACI microcurrent. This treatment will lift and firm your muscles and redefine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance. Ideal for women wanting to improve the appearance of sagging jowls and for men who desire a more chiselled jawline. 

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) system is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin structure. RF enables skin tightening and an improvement of the skin’s appearance painlessly, without post-op downtime of classic surgery applications or other invasive procedures.


Often used on the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls, and the backs of the arms, RF is a great way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and improving skin tone and texture as well as dull skin. It can also be used for body tightening and skin improvement because it improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage and provides a better oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance. 

radio frequency

As we age, the dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced, the elastin fibres which provide elasticity wear out. All these changes to our skin's underlying scaffold cause it to wrinkle and sag.

PlasmaPen 'fibroblasting' is a highly versatile and non-surgical procedure that is stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing. It is able to treat, repair, lift and rejuvenate any area of the skin to brighten skin tone, tighten loose skin and dramatically reduce, inflate and plump lines and wrinkles.

Vampire facials

Otherwise known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), this is a cutting edge anti-aging facial using PRP growth form your own blood to give you glowing and healthy skin. Vampire facials harness the healing power of your body to boost collagen, skin tone, decrease redness, aging, fine acne scars etc. This Medical Aesthetic gets results naturally, without the use of toxins or synthetic fillers.


PRP treatment assists your body's natural skin regeneration process, stimulating connective tissue metabolism to improve overall tissue tone. You can see the results of a vampire facial within a few weeks, but the results are more noticeable after 6 months and can last up to 18 months. the most dramatic results will be seen after receiving a series of treatments.


Known for

  • Skin tone improvement and decreased pore size

  • Reduction of face and neck wrinkles

  • Local treatment of skin aging

  • Decrease scarring


Derma rolling, aka microneedling or collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure in which thousands of tiny little needles are inserted intothe surface of skin via a rolling or stamping device. It works by creating microscopic wounds which induce collagen and elastin production.


Collagen is the most abundant protein found and is also what keeps us looking young. As collagen production slows down by about 1 percent per year after the age of 20, this results in ageing.


Derma Rolling is considered a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime. However, the recovery process does depend largely on the length of the needles used. 


The benefits include:

  • Suits all skin types

  • Suitable for thin skin

  • Rapid healing

  • Minimal downtime

  • Cost effective compared to other ablative therapies

  • Safer than other ablative therapies

  • Minimal discomfort


Aging means we absorb less Vitamin B12 from food. It is estimated 85% of us come up short of the necessary B12 from our diet.


What are the possible benefits?

  • Improved energy and stamina

  • Improved sleep quality and duration

  • Higher metabolism

  • Improved mental clarity

  • Balanced immune system


Vitamin B12 shots are the most effective when taken at regular intervals. We recommend once weekly for 4 weeks, followed by once a month. A regular injection schedule can be individualised.

b12-injection-feeling great.jpg
Milk peel

A milky textured professional peel given its name from its lactic acid content, it is used for fine line reduction, skin lightening, sebum (oil) regulation and spot treatment.


Milk peel facial treatment restores skin radiance and stimulates the epidermis, improving loss of skin tone whilst having a smoothing softening effect on the skin. It is also excellent for boosting the actions of your daily cosmetics.


  • Improves fine lines, dull complexion and loss of tone

  • Restores a radiant complexion

  • Stimulates the epidermis

  • Regulates oily and dilated pores

  • Evens skin tone

  • Suitable for ALL skin types and phototypes

  • Safe and easy 10 min protocol

  • No social downtime

  • Little to no desquamation

  • Aesthetic treatment enhancer (mesotherapy, toxin, fillers)


Clinical findings

  • 92% patient's skin was more luminous after 2 treatments 

  • 83% of patients said their skin was more even and more radiant after 3 treatments

  • 100% of patients showed a significant improvement in frown line roughness after just one treatment

Milk peel

Dermaplaning is a method of physical exfoliation using a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the epidermis layer of the skin to eliminate the vellus hair which is known as peach fuzz.


This procedure leaves the skin even more silky smooth than other exfoliation techniques due to the hair removal process. Dermaplaning helps the skin to absorb products more deeply due to the skin being more smooth and hydrated after the treatment. The skin will be left smooth, clear and naturally radiant.


  • Great at removing dead skin cells

  • Eliminates soft facial hair that holds onto dirt and oils Smoother skin

  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars

  • Decreases the look of fine lines

  • Works on most skin types

derma planing.jpeg
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